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Large Production Farming Parcel in the Up & Coming Petaluma Gap

Large Production Farming Parcel in the Up & Coming Petaluma Gap:  Future Development Potential

This property is about growing grapes, lots of quality wine grapes, in the developing Petaluma Gap. And someday, when Petaluma urban development makes its next push further south, it could be a very lucrative thing subdividing these 128 acres. That big day may take a few years or more to get here, but it will surely come at some point.

In the meantime, however long that all takes, a profitable grape growing operation is possible here. GIS maps indicate about 116 virtually level, plantable acres. Type II soils should make this an excellent, high-yielding, production growing site…Sauvignon Blanc?…cool climate Syrah?…Chardonnay for sure…maybe some Pinot Noir. There are certainly numerous outstanding Pinots made in this up and coming area.

Water should be available from the treated water available from the Petaluma Sanitation District, or, you can drill a well. A small portion of this property is in fact located in a Major Groundwater Basin (Zone 1), with the main part of the parcel in a Marginal Groundwater Availability Area (Zone 3). In talking with one Petaluma (reputable) well drilling expert, I am told that while you may have to go down 700 feet or more to get it, plentiful groundwater should be there.  

This property is zoned LEA which is appropriate for agricultural processing which includes winery, dairy processing, or other types of commercial ag uses. It can also be divided into two parcels under the existing zoning guidelines.

I look forward to talking with you about the possibilities.

Michael Crain  707-938-9899

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